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Blanca "Moon Chola" Espinoza and Alex Alpharaoh are dynamic leaders of the No Fronts Actors Workshop (NFAW) team, each bringing a wealth of experience and passion to their roles.


 Blanca "Moon Chola" Espinoza, known for her electrifying performances and commitment to social justice, serves as the Creative Director and Director at NFAW. With a background in theater and community activism, Blanca brings a unique perspective to the workshop, infusing creativity with a deep understanding of the power of storytelling to drive positive change. She directs the showcase plays and films, guiding students to bring their stories to life on stage and screen. Her dedication to empowering individuals from underserved communities shines through in her approach to actor training and program development. 


Alex Alpharaoh, an accomplished actor and spoken word artist, brings his expertise as the Founder and Program Coordinator at NFAW. With firsthand experience navigating the challenges of the entertainment industry, Alex is passionate about providing opportunities for individuals to break barriers and succeed in their artistic endeavors. He produces the showcase plays and films, overseeing the production process and ensuring that each project reflects the talent and diversity of the NFAW community. His leadership and mentorship inspire students to harness their talents and pursue their dreams within the entertainment industry. 


Together, Blanca "Moon Chola" Espinoza and Alex Alpharaoh form a formidable team at NFAW, dedicated to fostering creativity, empowerment, and social change through the transformative power of the performing arts.

No Fronts
Actors' Workshop

"Necessity is the mother of innovation. Although we are not reinventing the wheel with these workshops that have occurred for two quarters, we are constantly reinventing ourselves. We are doing this by examining our pasts, grounding ourselves in the present, and working towards prosperous growth for our futures. None of this is possible without the support and encouragement of our friends, family and community. , As we continue to grow as artists and human beings, it is important to not forget the lessons that have brought us to this moment. The authenticity of our indivisual experiences are what makes us unique and translating that into our craft as actors is what we are striving for. As we continue our journey from the streets to the set we bring with us the richness of our cultures, perspectives, and love for storytelling."

- Alex Alpharaoh



Auditions for FALL 2024 will be held SEPTEMBER 2024

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Screenshot 2023-11-08 at 8.10.35 PM.png
Screenshot 2023-11-08 at 8.10.35 PM.png


Auditions for Fall 2024 will be held in September 2024



No Fronts Actors' Workshop

No Fronts Actors Workshop taught by Alex Alpharaoh and Blanca Espinoza of CholaVision Productions.

Participants will embark on a 2 year conservatory style acting program that will teach them the fundamentals of experiential acting that is applicable in professional stages as well as television and film sets. Participants will complete the following program through 16 week cycles.

Acting 1 - The Fundamentals of Acting for stage and film

Acting 2 - Intermediate Acting for stage and film

Acting 3 - Advanced Acting for stage and film

Acting 4 - Rehearsal and Performance for Stage and Film


Throughout the acting program, participants will have the opportunity to collaborate with the other programs and participate in the filming of short films, proofs of concepts, pilot TV episodes, and will present their work to live audiences every 16 weeks in a culminating showcase at Company of Angels Theatre (our fiscal sponsor) in front of  friends, family, and industry professionals.

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