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"It is also refreshing to see such a robust celebration of a subculture long vilified by some in the Mexican American community and in the mainstream media."

- Martín Hernandez 
Stage Raw


A Chola Vision production, Alex Alpharaoh’s adaptation, directed by Blanca “Moon Chola” Espinoza, is centered on provoking conversation on Latinx cultural identity, family dynamics, and urban class hierarchies based in East LA. In addition, in an unconventional and grassroots approach to the industry, the cast is part of the No Fronts Actors Workshop, focused on helping aspiring actors from underserved communities receive training in an experiential acting approach that will culminate in the showcase of this play. In partnership with Rio Uribe, Creative Director of Gypsy Sport, the cast will be costumed in high fashion 90’s streetwear to celebrate Chicanismo.

An adaptation by 
Alex Alpharaoh

Directed by 
Blanca Espinoza

"Two families, both firme sin duda,
In big bad L.A. we stay posted up,
An old skool beef sworn in blood por vida
Innocence lost, senselessness runs amuck
Boiling flesh of their flesh, blood of their blood
These enamorados forfeit their lives
Paying their jefes debts with mourning floods
Of tragedy till true love, lifeless lies.
Con miedo still, les valio verga
Their parents’strife’s not their pinche pedo
Even as bloodline healing got serca
Their storied romance you’ll now get to know
Stay trucha and perk up those hustler’s ears
In case you catch something that wasn’t clear here."


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